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A Missing Limb Shouldn’t Limit You

7 Jun, 2021 | Maduka Chidera | No Comments

A Missing Limb Shouldn’t Limit You

A Missing Limb Shouldn't Limit You

After the diagnosis of any health condition, the treatment and recovery process is the next line of action, but in cases where it involves amputation of a body part, patients would very likely feel a deep sense of loss. The loss of a body limb carries a feeling of finality and irreparability and people who have gone through such situations suffer great physical and psychological strain. Efficient management and treatment can aid amputees to live a long, healthy and fulfilled life.

An amputation whether an emergency or pre planned, when recommended is the lesser of two evils. It is done to prevent the spread of an underlying health condition or as a result of serious damage to the limb, and aimed at improving the health of the patient.

After such an operation, the patient should fully focus on adjusting to their current situation, this involves;

  • Management of the site of the amputation to ensure quick recovery,
  • Therapy to adjust to the new circumstance and to deal with new sensations such as phantom limb effect,
  • Possibility of getting an artificial limb (prosthetics) to aid mobility and learning how to properly use them.
  • Managing psychological reactions.

It’s a painful experience, but, the loss of a limb should not be viewed as the end of the road; You can still live a complete and fulfilled life.

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