A.J. Lee Launches "Call Me Crazy For A Cause" GoFundMe Campaign

Former WWE Superstar A.J. Lee (AJ Mendez-Brooks) launched a new GoFundMe campaign called “Call Me Crazy For A Cause.”

The campaign is designed to benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Currently, the effort has raised a little over $2,000 of the $25,000 goal.

Check out the campaign at

Call Me Crazy for a Cause

My name is AJ Mendez and I’m a fighter. I have fought to go from a scrawny kid growing up in severe poverty to a wrestling champion on international television. I have fought to go from a college dropout to a bestselling author. I have fought to go from being confused and scared lying in a hospital bed after a suicide attempt to being in charge of- and proud of- my Bipolar Disorder diagnosis.

I have always considered myself a one-girl revolution; responsible for making the change I want to see in the world- starting with myself. But headed into my next battle, I was so grateful to have an army alongside me. About a year ago, I teamed up with the National Alliance on Mental Illness. I had written my book Crazy Is My Superpower as a way to reclaim hateful words like “crazy” and to showcase the beauty in our differences. But I needed the guidance of mental health professionals to continue the conversation and help shatter the stigma around mental illness. NAMI has given me invaluable support and the tools necessary to help educate others.

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NAMI provides no-cost, essential information, education and support to individuals and families in need. They raise awareness and advocate for the 60 million Americans affected by mental health conditions. They give help and hope, so crucial to those still navigating their mental health journeys. NAMI saves lives.

As a NAMI Ambassador I want to help them keep up the good fight. This campaign will raise funds to support their amazing work–helping to equip NAMI’s grassroots volunteers with training for our no-cost education, support and awareness programs offered in communities across the country and supporting our no-cost HelpLine, which responds to tens of thousands of inquiries each year to people in need of essential support sand referrals. And you can earn fun rewards in the process! No donation is too small and anything you contribute will be greatly appreciated.

Please join me in this fight.


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