After Andheri Bridge Collapse, Here Are Other Places In Mumbai That May Turn Fatal During Monsoon

Mumbai never has a day in monsoon which is trouble-free or even remotely relaxing. Living in the city feels like fighting for survival during the rainy season. Against the backdrop of Tuesday’s incident of ANdhri bridge collapse, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation along with Western and Central Railways have decided to form 10 teams to inspect 445 railway bridges in the city.

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The pathway of a road overbridge collapsed on to WR’s tracks, south of Andheri station, injuring five people, and disrupting train traffic for almost the whole day. Another disastrous incident happened at Juhu beach on Thursday evening where four teenagers were feared dead as they went for a swim in Juhu Beach.

While these are the latest happenings, there is a list of other places in Mumbai that are not just dangerous but potentially fatal during monsoons:

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