AJ Styles Confirmed For Match In Japan, Update On Kurt Angle's Condition (Video)

-TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles is officially scheduled to work the November 16th Wrestle-1 event in Tokyo, Japan. Styles’ match, which will be against rising star Seiya Sanada, will not be for his TNA title. The reason the match will be a non-title bout is because Styles is already scheduled to defend the belt against Judas Mesias for the AAA promotion in Mexico.

According to one source, TNA executive Jeff Jarrett pushed for the Styles vs. Sanada match, and it could lead to Sanada coming to the United States as a part of the TNA partnership with The Great Muta’s (Keiji Mutoh) Wrestle-1 promotion.

-TNA added a new “#IMPACT365” video on their official YouTube channel with the title, “#IMPACT365 – Kurt Angle’s condition after his match on IMPACT.” The video is accompanied by the following description: “#IMPACT365 – TNA wrestling medical staff attend to Kurt Angle backstage during IMPACT after his match with Bobby Roode”

You can watch the “#IMPACT365: Kurt Angle’s condition after his match on IMPACT” video below:

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