Another Injured WWE Star Backstage at Raw, Major Advertising Spending For John Cena Movie, New Day Cosplay Video

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Just when you through they could not top their previous get-ups, Austin Creed, Big E and Kofi Kingston have gone and done it again! Check out the awesome process the trio went through to dress up as the main characters from the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe hit!

Another Injured WWE Star Backstage at Raw

As noted, injured WWE stars Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, Alicia Fox and R-Truth were all backstage at WWE Raw in Atlanta last night. Injured WWE 205 Live star Brian Kendrick was also backstage for the show, reports

Major Advertising Spending For John Cena Movie

John Cena’s new movie “Blockers”, which opens nationwide this Friday, is receiving a massive, final advertising campaign, reports Variety.

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The report notes Universal Studios has spent an estimated $6.55 million in television ads in the past seven days, putting “Blockers” at number one in terms of advertising budget, ahead of “A Quiet Place”, which has spent $5.01 million in advertising.

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NBC, ESPN and Adult Swim were among the networks on which Universal spent heavily, while NBA basketball, “The Walking Dead” and “The Big Bang Theory” were among the specific programming the studio prioritized for “Blockers” advertising.

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