Booker T Suggests Kenny Omega’s Criticism of WWE NXT Comes from Him Being in Character

Booker T weighed in on Kenny Omega’s comments about NXT on his Hall of Fame podcast and whether he was being disrespectful to the NXT roster. Omega kicked up some controversy last week when he talked about the AEW vs. NXT head-to-head on Wednesday nights, saying, “If these guys were in the same show as me, they’d be in the dark match,” and that with AEW, “you’re going to see real stars; not developmental talent.”
Discussing the situation, Booker discussed whether Omega was in character and when a wrestler should be in character and when they shouldn’t be. Highlights are below, along with the video clip:
On Omega’s comments: “Yeah, you know, Kenny Omega, AEW Vice President? … Executive Vice President, as well as worker. He’s a worker as well, he’s a performer. Yeah, so he’s got two hats that he’s wearing around that company. And then he made some disparaging words about the talent on NXT. But then I was reading earlier that he was talking in character, he didn’t really mean that about those guys. A lot of those guys are his friends, and he didn’t want to disparage anyone in that way. But my thing is this, do Kenny Omega have the right to actually say that? Perhaps, yes, I don’t know … But if you’re in character, is it okay to say that? … When shouldn’t you be in character? You know, when you’re talking to a reporter or someone in the media, you know. Just say for instance, TMZ stopped you and they ask you a question. Should you be in character or not?”
On being in character vs. being out of character: “Let’s take it and put it in a different context. Do you really think I believe that I wanted to actually catch Corey Graves in Starbucks? [No.] See, exactly my point. So, when working the masses, you always want to try and stay in character and make it as real as you possibly can to try to create something. So, I think Kenny Omega, when saying something like that, being in character and trying to create something and making people believe it, and then for a publication like all of the sites pick it up and want to talk about it, [Omega can say] ‘Hey, I did my job.’ That’s the way I look at it.”
On if he disrespected NXT talent: “No, no, it’s not — he didn’t really disrespect anybody. He just said, when he sees those guys, he’s gonna be, ‘I was just playing. C’mon, man. I’m working. That’s all I’m doing. I’m just working, what are you talking about? It’s a work.’”Click Here:

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