Chris Jericho On MJF Throwing In The Towel For Cody Rhodes At AEW Full Gear

When asked about MJF throwing in the towel, Chris Jericho warned during the media scrum after the event that this shouldn’t diminish his victory at Full Gear. He said that Cody Rhodes was already in a very bad spot and he would have defeated him anyway.
“I don’t want this to get hung up on MJF throwing a towel in the ring because as you could see Cody was beat up and bleeding all over the f*cking place.
Plus, he was so tied up like a pretzel there was no escape.”
“So throw the towel in, don’t throw the towel in, but don’t diminish the victory that Chris Jericho had over Cody Rhodes tonight.”Click Here: New Zealand All Blacks Jerseys

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