Demi Lovato Takes a Topless Selfie After Boldly Addressing Her Eating Disorder

It’s been a major week for Demi Lovato, and now the star wants to remind her fans that she’s feeling as sexy and as confident as ever.

On Thursday, the singer and actress took to Instagram to post a bold shot of herself topless in front of the mirror. Shared without a caption or accompanying text, the from-the-side image finds her hugging her chest and exposing her side tattoo as she stands in a pair of navy pants that appear to double as overalls.


Lovato has proudly shared photos of herself in the past. Just this week, she shared a few:

However, the fact that she’s doing so now is especially important to acknowledge considering how the star just opened up, a lot, about several of the issues she’s battled over the years.

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In her new YouTube documentary Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated, the star shares her experiences with bullying (kids in high school signed a petition calling for her suicide) and her struggle with drugs and alcohol.

And later, she took to social media to share a side-by-side photo that chronicled how far she’s come with her eating disorder, which she’s relapsed from before and continues to battle. “Recovering is possible,” she wrote alongside the shot.

We’re proud of you, Demi.

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