Did You Know CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero in a Title Match Once Took Place? Watch the Full Bout

It often comes as a surprise to even the most loyal wrestling fans to hear that CM Punk vs Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio once took place, but it not only happened, but a title was on the line.

Back in 2002, Punk defended the IWA Midsouth Wrestling Heavyweight Title against the late WWE Hall of Famer and the master of the 619, and you can watch the full bout in the video above.

Punk once said “I thought I was good until I got in the ring with Eddie”, and this match definitely proves his point. This over 15 minute bout took place on March 1st, 2002 in Indianapolis, IN, after Eddie Guerrero had been released by WWE (he would later return), and before Mysterio signed with the company. Enjoy, and Viva La Raza…

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