Doug Ford 'Is A Timbit' Enters Canadian Insult Hall Of Fame

Thousands of Ontario public high school teachers held a one-day strike  Wednesday after failing to reach a contract deal with the province.

The day before, as news channels informed their viewers of the plan, reporters headed out to ask the usual questions outside schools.

But CP24 got an especially frank response when its reporter asked a high schooler for his thoughts about the job action. 


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“Well, I think Doug Ford is a really stubborn man, and he deserves to go to jail,” replied the young man.


“I want to ask you what they told you inside the school,” the reporter said, trying to get the interview on track.

The student briefly responded, “They just told us there’s going to be no school tomorrow,” before he threw down. “Doug Ford is envisioning in his mind … he’s probably thinking about Timbits right now, and I’m probably telling him, he is a Timbit himself.”


His very Canadian jab led to “Timbit” trending on Twitter.

Hopefully, if the labour dispute drags on, this high school student is available for more sharp political commentary. He’s already proven that he wouldn’t fritter away any time in getting his points across. 


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