Edge Recalls Hilarious Vince McMahon Royal Rumble Story

WWE Hall Of Famer, Edge recently spoke with Inside The Ropes where he discussed a hilarious Vince McMahon story from a previous Royal Rumble.

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“The infamous Royal Rumble. Everyone remembers that John Cena and Batista went out at the same time, what you might not remember is I was the third last competitor in there. So I get eliminated and I am getting up and starting to go down the ramp and saw them both get eliminated and I went “Oh Sh*t!” You can not map that out any better and I am walking to the back and I just see Vince, it was next level power walk, it was like a Thanos walk.

“I just went “Oh, no.” Vince is not the most athletic man in the world, he’s strong, but I wouldn’t put him in a basketball game. So I get in the back and see Vince go to dive in and just fall and I am thinking, this is odd, those guys are standing in the ring and now he is sitting there. He tore both quads, and nobody knew at that time and I was just like, “I am getting out of dodge” and we were told to not go into the hallway so that Vince somehow managed to walk because he refused help with two torn quads, so he could get to the hospital. That was a surreal little moment.”

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