FOX airing new kick-ass commercial for Smackdown coming to the network

FOX is airing a brand new cool commercial for Smackdown coming to their network featuring some of the top WWE Superstars of today – and some from the past – including Stone Cold Steve Austin.
The promo starts with Austin at a restaurant who orders something and then a waiter smashes his tray full of drinks and the violinists in the background start Austin’s theme song. “Oh hell yeah,” Austin says from his seat.
The commercial then moves to other people doing WWE-related moves, including a doctor doing the “You Can’t See Me” hand sign on a patient who is under before surgery, a little girl spelling “submission” at a spelling bee and turning into Becky Lynch, a kid impersonating Kofi Kingston doing the boom drop in a pool, another kid doing an RKO on a mannequin at a store, and much more.
A new logo for Smackdown is also displayed with “Coming to Fox” and the October 4 date at the bottom.
You can check it out below.

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