Fox News’ Sean Hannity Highlights Part Of Michigan As Being In Canada

Careful viewers of Sean Hannity on Fox News Wednesday night might have felt the need to double-check their Google Maps, after the popular program showed a map of the United States indicating that part of Michigan was actually Canada.

The mislabelled map appeared on screen during a segment of Hannity’s Nov. 18 show where he was discussing U.S. President Donald Trump’s efforts towards a recount in Wisconsin. Trump lost Wisconsin by more than 15,000 votes.

But keen-eyed cartographers were more focused on the map, which placed Michigan’s Upper Peninsula firmly in Canada.

It is most definitely not.

We love you, Upper Peninsula Michiganders — also known as Yoopers. We share many things, from a Great Lake to a love of maple syrup. But we definitely are not the same place.

Social media users were quick to point out the gaffe, joking that we’d all missed out on Canada’s seizure of the Upper Peninsula.

And one Canadian kindly noted we aren’t quite ready to take on a chunk of a U.S. state.

Of course, Michiganders weighed in too.

“For the 239847293472934th time, the Upper Peninsula exists, and it is very much in Michigan, not Canada,” the Detroit Free Press wrote on Twitter.

“The Upper Peninsula is a lot of things: Beautiful, natural, rural, teeming with minerals, you name it. But it is most definitely and inarguably not Canada.”

Fact-checking website even made a point of clarifying that the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is, in fact, in Michigan.

On Thursday night, Hannity once again used the map, this time with Michigan properly labelled.

A geography lesson well-learned.

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