Grosjean: ‘Get rid of pay drivers in F1’

Romain Grosjean agrees that Formula 1 should  do its best to eliminate ‘pay drivers’  from the grid.

Recently, new sporting chief Ross Brawn admitted one of his goals – that the world’s best 20 drivers are all on the F1 grid – might only be achievable through a fairer distribution of income.

Currently, some struggling teams make up their budgets by signing drivers who bring millions in personal sponsor or backer contributions.

“The reality is that at the bottom of the grid, business considerations related to the budgets of the drivers have become too great,” Brawn told France’s RMC.

Haas’ Grosjean agrees with Ross Brawn’s vision.

“I totally agree with him,” he said.

“It’s true that it has always existed in F1, but maybe it is now worse than before. There are a few that, if you look at their past results, would not necessarily have got to F1 without help”.

So any team income distribution changes, like budget caps, would be good for F1 according to Grosjean.

“It would be positive for young drivers because we know how extremely difficult it is to arrive in F1, and if there are places taken by people who don’t deserve it, there are even less places for young drivers,” he said.

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