Haas aiming to repeat double success in Montreal

The Haas F1 Team succeeded in getting both cars into the top ten at Monaco, the first time in the team’s short history that it’s earned a double-points finish.

In fact, the last time that an American team finished with both cars in the points was in Austria in 1986. But now the team is already looking to repeat that success in the next race in Montreal.

“It’s difficult to get two cars in the top ten in Formula 1 as we all know,” said Haas F1’s team principal Guenther Steiner.

“Everybody – the team, the drivers – did a fantastic job in Monte Carlo,” he said. “We were eighth and tenth in Monte Carlo and next time we want to be better than that.

“Nobody thought two years ago when we started that in year two we’d have two cars in the top ten in Monte Carlo. I don’t think a lot of people would have believed that.

“Saying that we can always get in with two cars, that’s overestimating it. But that’s our aim,” he said. “It is doable, but it is hard work and it’s down to the people who work in the team.

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“You can’t always get in there all the time – even the big teams like Force India, which is fourth in the championship, didn’t get into the points in Monte Carlo with either car. That’s because the midfield is so tight.

“Against teams that have two or three times the budget and four or five times the people, it is hard to try to beat them. Again though, if you work hard and use your resources cleverly, it can be achieved.”

Steiner reiterated that he saw consistency as the key to success in Formula 1.

“If you’re there, or at least always knocking on the door, it will happen. That’s always my philosophy. We’re a lot more consistent than last year, which makes us hope to have more of this in the future.

“We’ve been in the points four times in the last six races,” he pointed out. “The only race where we weren’t in a points position was Russia.

“From all our races, we’ve always been in a good position, so we’re a lot more stable than last year already.

But Steiner was quick to point out that there was no question of the team resting on its laurels.

“You have to immediately start thinking about the next one. You do stop to enjoy [the win], but it’s not the main thing you’re thinking of. You’re happy, and it gives you confidence for the next task ahead.”

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