Halle Berry Swiped Right on All of These Celebrities but One

When Halle Berry showed up for an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing Friday, the talk show host made a few observations about the actress: She’s 51, looks stunning in a bikini, and single. Well, maybe not so fast.

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“You’re single, correct?” DeGeneres asks the actress, who adorable refuses to give an answer by laughing off the question. When the host realizes that Berry isn’t planning on giving a response, she poses another question. “Let’s just say before you were in this relationship, or this imaginary relationship you’re in, did you go on dating apps?”

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“No, I didn’t go on dating apps, but I’ve been on with other people while they were on dating apps,” Berry answers, adding that she was curious to see which celebs were on the app. DeGeneres responded by prompting her to play “Swipe Right,” where Berry was shown the face of a celebrity and asked to swipe right (yes, she’d go on a date with them) or left (no, thank you).

Of course, Berry, being one of the nicest humans on the planet, swiped right on almost everyone, from Colin Farrell to Idris Elba, Lenny Kravitz, and Ryan Gosling. But there was one guy she was held up on: 36-year-old Nick Cannon.

“He’s just too young,” Berry explained. “I could be many of these men’s mother. If I started when I started to be able to have children, I could be their mother.” Let’s just say age didn’t stop her from swiping right on 36-year-old Gosling seconds earlier.

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Watch more from the stunning 51-year-old’s appearance on Ellen in the clip above.

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