Here’s How A Brave 10-Year-Old Exposed UP’s Illegal Shelter Home & Saved 24 Girls

Days after the horror at Bihar shelter home was exposed, another sordid saga of abuse of women at a shelter home in Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria has come to light. All thanks to this 10-year-old girl who managed to escape from the home being run without a license for over a year. This 10-year-old brave girl saved 24 inmates.

Recalling her escape from the “house of horror” and reaching the women’s police station all by herself, she told The Times Of India, “I was on the first floor of the shelter when the in-charge Girija Tripathi called me and asked me to wipe the ground floor. She then received a phone call and got engrossed in the conversation, I saw an opportune moment to flee I ran without any second thoughts towards the police station.”

In her testimony, she said that the older girls would see them and cry, and the younger ones would be forced to clean the floors. Some of them were sent to a shelter in Gorakhpur, and at times this 10-year-old would accompany them. She described to the police that “bad things would happen to them” during that time.

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