Hulk Hogan Discusses Racial Incident with Booker T

Hulk Hogan joined Booker T on his radio show in ESPN Houston. The two men discussed the leaked tapes of Hogan using racist language and Hogan being labeled a “racist” by many fans.
Booker On Hogan Being Labeled A Racist: “I think if you were a racist, (the Spring Stampede promo) was a moment that a racist would have taken advantage of. ‘Man, I’m gonna get this ninja fired. He gonna work for me.’ That’s what I think a racist would have done. You can tell a racist by the people that he hangs out with or by how his kids act.”
Hogan On The Tapes Leaking: “A lot of people don’t understand that people can say a word or make a mistake, that doesn’t mean that’s who they are. People that keep bringing it up and keep pushing it forward, those are the people I worry about. I had used the word in 2006. I was made aware of it, probably five or six years ago. To tell you the truth, I don’t remember that conversation but it was definitely me. And I definitely said it. Total idiot and out of control. There’s a million excuses for it, but I said it. I tried to be accountable for it. The people that know me….the first person to call me was my minister. He’s African-American. He called said, ‘Terry, have we got some problems?’ I explained to him what happened and he said, “God forgives you. Don’t worry what people think about you, worry about what God thinks about you.’ He gave me some good and uplifting advice.
“The hardest part was trying to explain to people who didn’t know me, who I really was. There’s a lot of people that I’ve apologized to on several levels. There’s still some people where the jury is still out. I’m trying to show them, by my actions, who I really am. It’s been a tough time but a lot of people are forgiving. It’s been a tough time. I won’t joke about it at all. I’m just grateful that my friends and fans have never left me.”
Hogan On Using A Different Word: For me, understanding how powerful (the word) is and how many people it hurt, I’ll never say it again. I’ll come up with another word. I don’t need that word if I see someone I have love for. I might call him my soulmate, I’ll come up with something. I don’t need that word if it’s going to hurt people.Click Here: cheap converse classic chuck shoes

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