Ken Shamrock On Why He Wants to Return to WWE, If Daniel Cormier Is a Good UFC Return Fight For Brock Lesnar

Former WWE star and MMA fighter Ken Shamrock recently spoke with Adam’s Apple, and below are some interview highlights.

On wanting to return to WWE:

“WWE is something I’m looking at and definitely have been throwing little feelers out there to get an opportunity because I’ve achieved everything I’ve set out to do, in every organization, except the WWE. I didn’t get the World Title. I got everything else but that, so there’s some unfinished business there.”

On Brock Lesnar returning to UFC to face Daniel Cormier:

“I think [Daniel Cormier’s] a great match for him, especially his first one coming back. Because what it is is a bigger DC, and Brock is just a bigger type of DC. Neither one of them strikes very well, both have great wrestling skills, but Brock is bigger and stronger. So it’s a good match for him to come back to. But here’s my thing. When he was doing it earlier on, there wasn’t too many big men. There’s guys that could strike but none of them could work very well on the ground. In today’s MMA world, there’s a lot of big, good guys that can grapple on the ground well and can strike well. So I think DC is a great start for Brock, but after that one, I’m not sure where he goes from there.”

You can listen to more from Shamrock in the above video player.

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