Moxley on restrictions: ‘It’s Like Vince Is In The Ring With You’

Jon Moxley On How WWE Wrestling Is More Restricted: ‘It’s Like Vince Is In The Ring With You’
In an interview with ESPN, Jon Moxley spoke about the difference between wrestling for New Japan and wrestling for WWE, noting that the wrestling is overproduced in the latter.
On the differences between wrestling for WWE and NJPW:
“[In WWE,] it’s almost like Vince is in the ring with you, the producer is in the ring with you. It’s like you have two little bubbles on your shoulder, like three heads in the ring. All of a sudden when I got in the ring [in New Japan], five minutes into the match I was like, there’s no chatter. There was no producer-ref-Vince chatter. It was like silence. And I didn’t expect that. I was like, ‘Whoa, I’m alone again. It’s just me in the ring.’ And then I just started beating the [crap] out of Juice and I was like, ‘Oh yeah, this is what I used to do.’”
On the G1 schedule:
“I expect it to be a grinding tour. But dude, I’ve done the most horrific WWE European and worldwide tours that you could imagine. Like no days off, 14 days straight, 25 minutes every night in the main event. Going through tables every single night.”
On agreeing to do the G1 right away:
“I could have done the G1 next year, done some more matches in Japan, got a feel for the style. I’ve gotta do this s— in four weeks. Basically, this is a crash course in New Japan. This might be my one opportunity do it. I heard a lot of stuff about how hard this tournament is, how grueling this tournament is. When one of the top companies in the world with such great history invites you to their flagship event — yeah, it’ll be hard, but you only get one life. What am I gonna say? No? Why would I be saying no?”Click Here: Espresso Drinks Forever Stamps 2021

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