NWA Powerrr Results (11/5): James Storm vs Colt Cabana, National Heavyweight Title Match, Surprise Main Event

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NWA Powerrr Results
November 5, 2019
Atlanta, GA

— “Boom Boom” Colt Cabana is out to kick things off. He likes being called a “main-eventer” and says its humbling, but he’s worked a long time and fought his way to the top so it feels good. Last week in tag team action he beat Team Storm, and that means he gets a shot at the National Heavyweight title, tonight. And that is why he truly is a main-eventer.

— Aron Stevens comes out and rambles about how he hadn’t been in the ring in a long time, making excuses for losing to Ricky Starks. The crowd heckles him the entire time, and Aron just seems incredibly uncomfortable. He has issued an ultimatum of sorts to NWA management and also has a script from Hollywood in his hands. If he doesn’t hear back soon, he’ll leave wrestling again and go back to Hollywood.


— The Dawsons want a tag team title shot. Zane says they’ve bulldozed through everyone else in the division, and they’ve earned an opportunity. Kingston and Homicide interrupt. Kingston admits that when they faced off fair-and-square The Dawsons won. They were the better men that night. But they still have a title match in their back pocket, and Eddie wants to put it on the line for a chance to get his win back against The Dawsons. Zane complains that he already beat them, and said they would think about it…

— Tim Storm is interviewed and said he has zero regrets about what happened between him and Nick Aldis. He gave it his all and came up short, and it’s heartbreaking to him that the Ten Pounds of Gold is no longer within his grasp. He’s asked about wrestling for the other titles, and Storm says he’s in a valley, and while he’d be proud to hold any of the NWA’s titles, he’s honestly just not sure where he’s going. It might be time for him to hang up the–

— Nick Aldis interrupts and takes Storm to a side area of the building, but we still have audio. Aldis says he understands the emotions going on right now, but asks Storm not to say anything he can’t walk back later. He tells him to look around and says none of this would have happened without the two of them, and it’s not over yet. Storm agrees, hesitantly.


Thunder immediately goes after her opponent and puts the boots to her in the corner, before connecting with a nasty backbreaker. A PK connects to the small of the back, before Thunder continues to pummel her with kicks and clubbing blows showing no mercy. This is a completely one-sided display of dominance. Thunder applies a body scissors and nearly gets the submission, but Vox somehow struggles free… only to get caught with a diving double stomp to the back of the head. It’s over.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

— Marti Belle is out to stop Thunder Rosa from completely murdering Vox after the match. The two stare each other down until Thunder eventually takes her leave with a smile on her face. Bella is interviewed and says she doesn’t know anything about Thunder or what she’s about, but calls out her best friend Sienna. The two go back and forth on the mic until Thunder Rosa returned and attacked the champion. Marti hit the ring to save her, but instead kicked Sienna right in the face, turning on her.


This idea here is that Stevens may have lost last week, but he claims no man can ever beat him twice. The bell rings and Stevens tries to take a cheap shot, but Starks moves out of the way and rolls him up for a three-count in about as many seconds. Just for the record, the former Damian Sandow is wearing flesh-colored very small tights. It’s gross. Starks gets in a few chops in the corner as the second fall starts, but spends too much time taunting and Stevens takes him to the mat and puts on a side headlock. Starks rallies back with a series of lariats. He ended up countering Stevens’ finisher and rolling him up again for the second fall.

Winner: Ricky Starks

— Prior to the main event we get a hilariously cheesy commercial for the RetroMania Wrestling video game coming out, advertising that the NWA and its stars will be a part of the game.


We’ve got Ken Anderson and Eli Drake both at ringside watching, so this one is probably going to get wild. Cabana gets his opponent’s head early on, having some fun before snapping off a few quick armdrags and short-arm lariat. Storm fires back and takes him to the mat, before stomping on his appendages and targeting Colt’s knee. He goes up to the top rope looking for an elbow drop, but runs into a boot instead. Cabana lays in some loud chops and a big right hand, before the champion gives a few of his own right back. Colt drops him with a flying headscissors takedown and takes Storm corner-to-corner with big splashes. A sunset flip roll-up gets him a two-count. Storm comes out of nowhere with a knee strike on the apron, then drops the challenger with a TKO over the top rope.

He heads up again, and this time connects with a diving elbow right to the throat. Storm puts his opponent on the top rope and rocks him with a few loud slaps, but Cabana drops him with an elbow and hits a splash from the second. Colt starts throwing Dusty elbows and delivers the Bionic Elbow, but it still wasn’t enough. Storm smacks himself in the face to wake up, then hits a spinning kick to Colt’s midsection. The Eye of the Storm follows, but the challenger kicks out at two-and-a-half. Eli Drake is up on the apron screaming that it was a three-count. Anderson gets in his face and the two of course start shoving each other. Kamille shows up for some reason and shoves Anderson, and it’s just all-out chaos. Cabana uses the distraction and rolls up Storm with a bridge pin… 1…2…3!

Winner & New Champion: Colt Cabana 

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— James Storm says he had Cabana beat and he knows it, but shook his hand and gave him a sign of respect. Everyone finally left as we still have no idea what’s going on, and the commentators try to take us off the air, but The Dawons rush the interview area. They accept Kingston and Homicide’s challenge, but they’re not waiting until next week. It’s happening RIGHT NOW!


We have a ref and this is really happening. The Dawsons were prepared for this and attacked Homicide on the outside, so they could pick apart Kingston and take their time with it. A total beatdown for several minutes, gouging at his eyes, taking cheap shots whenever they could. Kingston eventually rallies with a series of clotheslines, but they take Homicide off the apron and stop the tag. We go back to the “beat the hell out of Eddie” game again. I’m not sure how he even has eyes at this point since they’ve attacked him like 12 times. Homicide eventually gets the hot tag and does the Forever Clotheslines on both opponents. He sends them both to the apron and dropkicks one of them right into… The Wildcard, who are at ringside all of the sudden. Homicide goes to the top rope, but The Wildcard is there again to stop him. I believe he got beaten with a sock full of quarters. Rock n’ Roll Express are out next to a huge reaction, and they fight off the invaders to the back, as our second, surprise main event continues. Homicide connects with a spinning Backfist to the Future, and it’s over.

Winners: Kingston & Homicide

— Rock ‘n’ Roll Express come back out to the ring and celebrate with Kingston and Homicide as the show goes off the air. For real this time.