Reason Why Hideo Itami Debuted On Monday Night's WWE RAW

On Monday night’s edition of WWE RAW, Hideo “KENTA” Itami made his main roster debut, running out to “save” Finn Balor from an attack by Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. According to sources, the reason Itami debuted on RAW instead of tonight’s WWE “205 Live” broadcast is because WWE is trying to get their cruserweight division over more. The company reportedly wants to make the cruiserweights “stand out” more with the upcoming “205 Live” house show tour. They also want the fans to “care more about them.”

There are also reports that tickets for the WWE “205 Live” house show tour aren’t selling well at all. The idea is that by having Itami debut on RAW and aligning himself with Finn Balor, he will seem “more important” to fans and it will increase ticket sales.

We previously reported here on that Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt has been added to the WWE “205 Live” brand house shows to add more “star power” to the events.

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