Rhyno Talks About His Time In TNA, ECW's Legacy & More

Rhyno recently spoke with about his time in TNA and more. Here are the highlights.

TNA attempted a reincarnation of ECW, what were your thoughts on that show?

I don’t necessarily think it was ECW, I think it was more the hardcore element and fans really enjoyed that moment. ECW was basically a group of men and women that were rejected and told they weren’t good enough and they were either let go from WCW/WWE or they couldn’t even get looked at by those two companies. ECW took in all the guys that were rejected and we all had something to prove and I think the fans could relate to it.

What was it like when you returned to TNA for their shows in New York last year?

It was great; everybody started chanting ‘You Sold Out’ at me because I teamed up with Ethan Carter. What that gave me the opportunity to do was show a different side of me where I could be entertaining and funny. I was basically a hired hand, you pay me and I would fight your battles. What was funny is I would go out there with the intension to make myself laugh inside and my buddies would watch the show and they would call me up and say there were laughing so hard.

If you can entertain yourself you can definitely entertain the live audience and the audience watching at home. I just had so much fun with that.

What were some of your highlights from your time in TNA?

Again I had a fantastic time in TNA, I got to share a locker room with legends of the industry, Ric Flair and Kevin Nash. I got to pick their brains, Kevin and I became really good friends, it was quite surreal to be standing there with Ric Flair and just picking his brains. After several months I asked Ric if he knew what I was doing and he said yeah you’re picking my brain and that’s how you learn in this industry.

I talked to Ric about the matches with him and Harley Race and how they worked and he was just so generous with the information, I was soaking it all in and trying to figure out how I could fit it into my work.

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