Schumacher getting lots of good advice from ‘friend’ Vettel

Mick Schumacher says he’s developed a genuine friendship with Sebastian Vettel, and one that has led the four-time world champion to dispense a lot of good advice to the Haas rookie.

Vettel enjoyed a good relationship with Mick’s father, seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, when the pair raced together in F1 from 2010 to 2012.

Vettel considered the F1 legend as a mentor and a friend, and at the outset of his son’s career at the pinnacle of motorsport, the 53-time Grand Prix winner was happy to help and guide the young man’s efforts.

“I’m happy to help where I can because he’s a great guy and obviously I have a very special connection to his father,” Vettel acknowledged earlier this year.

“From my side I really like him,” he added. “We get along well and I’m happy to tell him everything that I know.”

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Mick has previously described Vettel as a role model for who he has “huge respect”. But over time, the relationship has evolved into a strong and useful friendship.

“There is a lot advice he has given me,” said Schumacher. “Most of it is secret because we’re in a competition sport.

“But I have a huge respect for him and I think we can call that a friendship, which is very nice for me. He has got so much experience and [there is] so much I can learn from him.

“The best advice [he gave me] is to never forget why I am here. Because we love the sport, and I guess once you lose that, you are in the wrong place.

“I am enjoying my life, I am doing the best thing in the world so I think it’s great to have someone like him to give me advice.”


While Schumacher draws on the advice of his elder to help him improve, the 22-year-old also underscored the unwavering support of his team as a major component of his progress, even in difficult times such as last weekend in Monaco where the young German crashed heavily in FP3.

“Obviously, the team is a big big part of my development but it is also a big part of my confidence,” he explained.

“I take that confidence from the team that they are giving me, they have a huge trust in us as drivers.

“I have a huge trust in my team and that is the bond that is building at a very steep level at the moment.

“That is going to make those fine differences on the timing sheet because you have such a strong connection to the team.”

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