Some WWE talent not buying Ambrose leaving after Wrestlemania

Not everyone in WWE truly believes that Dean Ambrose is actually leaving WWE after WM35!
Dave Meltzer said on the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio that some of the WWE talent believe that Dean’s upcoming departure is a work. WWE announced yesterday that Ambrose will not be renewing his contract and plans to leave WWE after WM35 in April. However, some of the talent believe that because WWE made the news public, it’s part of an angle.
Some of the talent already knew Ambrose planned on leaving WWE before RAW this past Monday but most of the talent weren’t really aware until the news broke yesterday. Even most of the creative team weren’t aware of this and the fact that his confrontation with Nia Jax was set to HUMILIATE him on his way out.
In even more shocking news, it’s been reported that Dean Ambrose apparently turned down a “lucrative” 5 year deal with WWE, to the surprise of much of the WWE talent. This just adds to the belief that Ambrose really isn’t happy with WWE and could care less about the money. Meltzer also made it a point to say that Dean is actually “very good friends” with Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho, both of whom are signed with All Elite Wrestling.
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