Taz Reveals Which NXT Superstar He Believes Can Be “A Massive Star In The Industry”

ECW legend, former WWE Superstar and long-time pro wrestling commentator Taz has dropped a new episode of his podcast, The Taz Show. 

During the opening monologue the former world champion took some time to shine a light on a current NXT Superstar that he’s a big fan off — none other than The Undisputed Era’s Bobby Fish.

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“I would assume the Undisputed Era, at some point, they would break up like most good groups do, and then guys break out and become stars on their own. I think a guy like Bobby Fish is a guy that you really could hitch the wagon to, as the old cliche goes.”

“This guy is — most of you guys know how talented of an in-ring competitor he is. His athleticism, his work rate — he’s tremendous. He’s got a great look. There’s just something about him that jumps off the screen. His promo work is something that you don’t hear much about, maybe you don’t hear him do as much as he should and could, because this guy can talk his ass off. Tremendous promo guy, and as I said a tremendous in-ring worker. Whether it’s here in America or the work he’s done in Japan through the mid-2000s, all of his work in New Japan, Ring of Honor — he’s just a well-traveled, pro’s pro.”

“That’s the key. I’m a big believer in talking. You’ve got to be able to talk to make real money, and this guy can do that. I think he’s a guy that jumps out as a talent that has the potential to be a massive star in the industry, in WWE, if that’s where he stays/continues to work.”