The Lawcast – The Summer of Punk Changed Wrestling Forever

Welcome, boys and girls, to another episode of the Lawcast! This week we’re pulling back focus from one particular show and instead focusing on one of the most interesting and controversial periods in recent wrestling history. The Summer of Punk.

In 2009, WWE launch into a storyline that would propel CM Punk into the stratosphere, draw in more media attention than any storyline they had done in years, and seemed poised to create a new era of fun and chaos on the shows. And then, 3 months later, it was over. What happened? How did they squander the momentum of this storyline and what could they have done to fix it? How did this whole thing change the dynamic between fans and WWE forever? And should this actually be remembered as the Summer of Triple H?

All that and tons more as we dive deep on one of our juiciest topics ever!

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