The Reason Why AEW Did Not Say There Would Be An Episode Of Dynamite Next Week Revealed

During AEW Dynamite last night, the company was very careful with its wording in regards to future episodes, never actually saying “next week.”

The company made sure not to say “next week” and instead used phrases such as “next time” or “next Dynamite,” which has left fans wondering if the show will happen next week.

While that much is currently unknown, is currently reporting the decision to word things like that is because nobody in the company is taking things as a guarantee with the situation changing so much.

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Johnson wrote: “However, the decision was made to list everything for the “next” Dynamite instead of next week because the company, from owner Tony Khan on down, is taking the stance that no one should be taking anything for granted during these tumultuous times and they did not want to come across as if anything was guaranteed.  The team wanted to get through tonight’s episode and as one source stated after the show, “not be so arrogant as to assume” they’ll 100% be allowed back on live TV next week, since things are changing so rapidly due to the Coronavirus outbreak.”

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