The Rock Talks Dreams Not Coming True, Dash Wilder Responds To Troll, Mike Kanellis Teases Joining NXT Stable

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has shared a new video to his popular Instagram account looking at dreams not coming true, discussing his own football career.

The Rock talked about how he always dreamed of being in the Super Bowl, but instead, he got sent home with just $7 bucks to his name but spoke about the importance of taking a new path and pushing on.

Cheers to dreams not coming true 🥃 Not an easy concept to process, but the idea that sometimes our biggest and most important dreams that DON’T COME TRUE are often times the BEST THING that never happened. I’m shooting JUNGLE CRUISE now and right before I get called to set, I look up and see a CFL (Canadian Football League) game on my TV. I do a double take and realize that’s the same field I played on when I played in the CFL. I do a triple take and see the very man who coached and mentored me, but ultimately had to cut me from the team, Wally Buono who is now head coach and GM of the BC LIONS in Vancouver. Playing ball, I was always the “hardest worker in the room” and did everything I could to make the CFL and then hopefully, make it to the NFL where I dreamed of having an All Pro/Super Bowl Champion football career. Instead, I was cut from the team, told I wasn’t good enough – and sent home with $7 bucks to my name. After years of blood, sweat, guts and tears, my dream was over. Fell into depression, didn’t know what to do or where to turn. Eventually, I picked myself back up again, said fuck this and refocused and committed myself to a different path. The rest is history. I’ve been there, so I encourage you to keep working hard and remember that sometimes our dreams that don’t come true, can ultimately become the best thing that never happened.

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Dash Wilder Responds To Troll

One half of The Revival, Dash Wilder has responded to a troll on Twitter, shutting them down when they claimed to know more about the business.

Not as well as you I’m sure. Maybe one day when I’m not backstage you can explain it all to me.

— Dash (@DashWilderWWE) August 12, 2018

Mike Kanellis On Undisputed Era

A fan asked Mike Kanellis about possibly joining NXT group, Undisputed Era on social media today and the Raw star admitted that it isn’t a bad idea.

🤔Not a bad idea

— Mike Kanellis (@RealMikeBennett) August 11, 2018

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