Throwing Support Behind Apple, National Protests Declare 'Don't Break Our Phones'

Rallies will take place at Apple stores nationwide at 5:30pm local time on Tuesday to support the company in its staunch defense of privacy rights. The tech giant is currently embroiled in a civil liberties battle with the U.S. government, which has asked the company to create a “master key” that would allow it to break into any iPhone.

#DontBreakOurPhones Tweets

As Common Dreams previously reported, Apple has refused to create such a key and characterized the request as “a dangerous precedent.”

Support for Apple has continued to grow as new reports on Tuesday revealed that the Department of Justice is interested in breaking into multiple iPhones, and not just the one initially cited by the FBI.

The protests have been organized by Fight for the Future, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support freedom of expression on the internet, in cooperation with other civil liberties groups.