WALTER Takes A Shot At Trent Seven, Praises Pete Dunne & Discusses Why He Is Different To Others

WWE United Kingdom Champion, WALTER, recently spoke with the Daily Star ahead of this weekend’s PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 tournament.

WALTER will be part of a title unification match as he puts his PROGRESS World Championship on the line against Trent Seven who will be putting his Atlas Championship on the line as the two titles become one. WALTER spoke about his British Strong Style opponent, and he wasn’t overly complimentary about him.

“Looking back at it I always thought Trent Seven is the obvious bad influence for him,” WALTER said of Bate. “If you compare them both, it’s obvious that Tyler is the one who works harder. Trent is always running around backstage, cracking jokes, getting dressed very late and all those things. So I never believed that Trent Seven could achieve anything as a singles wrestler. It surprised me even to more to see him win the ATLAS Title and defend it with such commitment and passion. He has beaten some of the best, including my friend Timothy Thatcher.”

WALTER also spoke about the man he defeated for the WWE United Kingdom Championship, Pete Dunne, praising the Bruiserweight:

“I respect Pete Dunne for his ability and skill – I think the audience in New York saw a competition with a level of intensity that can only be shown by people, that carry the spirit of Pro Wrestling in them. There are not a lot of colleagues left with this attribute – too bad Pete surrounds himself with people that [do not]take this sport serious enough.”

Finally, WALTER also discussed why he is different from all other professional wrestlers:

“What I had to do to achieve certain things – that makes me proud – proud of myself. Not a belt, company or being a part of something. I step in the ring for this sport and to restore the honor of it. To show the world that the purest form of pro wrestling is still the most efficient, I need to be in the top spot wherever I go.”

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Daily Star

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