We Shouted But The Driver Was Busy On Phone, Says Boy Who Survived UP’s Kushinagar Accident

The school children travelling in a van that crashed into a speeding train in Kushinagar on Thursday, leading to the death of 13 children, had repeatedly asked the driver of their vehicle to stop but the man did not listen as he was busy on the phone, a nine-year-old, who survived the accident said.

“We kept shouting, urging uncle (driver) to stop, but he did not, as he was very busy on phone and was unable to listen to us,” Krishna Verma, one of the boys who survived, said.

The boy suffered a leg injury, but survived the deadly collision while many of his friends did not. His sister Roshni is in a critical condition. Both of them are admitted to BRD Medical College, Gorakhpur.Click Here: IQOS White

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