WWE Mae Young Classic Results (10/3): Second Round Begins, Meiko Satomura vs Mercedes Martinez, Toni Storm & More

WWE Mae Young Classic Results
October 3, 2018
Episode #5

(1) TONI STORM def. HIROYO MATSUMOTO. Lots of excellent grappling back and forth, with Matsumoto controlling the bulk of the action. She hit a great series of suplexes, but Storm came right back and destroyed her with an excellent release German suplex. The two went back and forth with dozens of strikes and slaps, which the crowd was really into. Matsumoto stuck to her submission game and worked a half crab, really wrenching away on the back. She hit a double knee stomp from the second, going back to the hold, but Storm wouldn’t quit. Storm with another German, bridging it this time for a nearfall. Matsumoto hit a deadlift German of her own. These women are incredible! She hit the Rainmaker, maintaining wrist control for a second, but on the third attempt Storm rolled her up with a small package to sneak out the win.

A storm is entering the arena! @tonistorm_ is coming into the ring with complete confidence. #WWEMYC

— WWE (@WWE) October 4, 2018

(2) RHEA RIPLEY def. KACY KATANZARO. Once again we have a huge size difference. Kacy impressed early with her ridiculous agility coming from American Ninja Warrior. Rhea hit an early dropkick and from there basically controlled the pace. Eventually Kacy came back with a stunning, video game-esque tilt-a-whirl DDT that had to have at least three full rotations around her opponent. She followed with a corkscrew plancha to the outside and impressed everyone with a few springboard dropkicks, but Rhea hit her with a big knee in the midsection, deadlifting her into a devastating Falcon Arrow for the three-count.

.@kacycatanzaro is putting her gymnastics background on full display in the second round of the #WWEMYC!

— WWE (@WWE) October 4, 2018

(3) LACEY LANE def. TAYNARA CONTI. Lots of trash-talking from Taynara early on as she worked submission holds and mocked her opponent. The crowd was fully behind Lacey, who came back with clotheslines and a series of strikes, before hitting a modified Mic Check for two. Conti set up some sort of crucifix bomb, but Lane rolled through into a pin to steal a surprisingly quick victory.

.@lay_lane is showing off her toughness as she battles @taynaracontiwwe in the #WWEMYC!

— WWE (@WWE) October 4, 2018

(4) MEIKO SATOMURA def. MERCEDES MARTINEZ. These two ladies might be the most experienced female wrestlers currently active, anywhere in the world today. Mercedes started with strikes and holds, but a big right hand woke up Meiko who came right after her with rabid strikes and kicks. Mercedes with loud chops and elbows in the corner, but again Meiko came right back with a roundhouse kick and a rolling elbow, nearly knocking her opponent out cold. Martinez slowed things down after a nasty looking twisting neckbreaker from the second rope, but – just like that – Satomura was able to roll her into a Fujiwara Armbar! There really was no such thing as “slowing down” for either, as they just went after each other with every move and every nearfall in the book, until the entire crowd was on their feet screaming “THIS IS AWESOME!” Meiko got a close nearfall off a handspring double knee strike, then Mercedes got a nearfall with a beautiful Fisherman’s Buster. It was Satomura who finally got the win with a wheelbarrow kick into an incredible Scorpion Rising kick.

Ouch. @satomurameiko is completely PUNISHING @realmmartinez! #WWEMYC

— WWE (@WWE) October 4, 2018

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