WWE NXT Results (7/4): Johnny Gargano vs EC3, Santana Garrett in Action, A New Challenger Rises & More

WWE NXT Results
July 4, 2018


It was all Santana from the start, after a great back-and-forth grappling exchange. The second generation star shook off a dropkick and fired off with snap armdrags, and locked in a modified Octopus Stretch. She broke the hold momentarily to float right into the Last Chancery, but the crowd fired up and Kai somehow managed to drag herself to the bottom rope with the full weight of her opponent on top of her. Santana looked to put things away but ran into a pair of boots in the corner followed by a step-up enzuigiri. Dakota found her second wind and connected with some brutal running kicks in the corner, then hit an impressive new finisher that’s a cross between a Destroyer into a double knee backbreaker, picking up the win.

Winner: Dakota Kai 


NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler came out to the ring and called Nikki Cross a “rabid dog” that needed to be put down, and that’s exactly what she did at Takeover: Chicago. She trashed the women’s division and told Candice LeRae to stay at home and take care of her husband, claiming WWE is holding a second Mae Young Classic just to find her some real competition.


Danny Burch is interviewed backstage to get an updated on his tag team partner Oney Lorcan, who is expected to be out of action for about three months with a broken orbital bone. The Undisputed Era interrupted him and made fun of them for losing at Takeover: Chicago, and announced that they would be invoking their rematch clause for the tag team titles next week. Burch told Cole to put up or shut up, and challenged him to a match for the NXT North American Championship.


They showed footage of last week’s show where Tommaso Ciampa called out NXT Champion Aleister Black, while sitting cross-legged on the entrance ramp. It is officially announced that the Devil of NXT will get his title opportunity in three weeks time!


Despite the odds against him, Doz took it to the tag team from the very start, throwing them around the ring and doing his best to keep the two partners from working together. He actually got a pretty commanding lead and almost put the match away early, but they managed to send him flying over the ropes and but the boots to the big man at ringside. The Mighty slowed things down, trying to work Doz over with rest holds and a ton of chops, but he came back and suplexed both of them at the same time. Doz threw them around some more and literally did The Worm before delivering some jumping elbow drops. Eventually the numbers game caught up and Aussies were able to hit their Thunder Valley combo finisher to get the handicap victory.

Winners: The Mighty 

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