WWE Raw Preview: Finn Balor, Reigns/Rollins, Who Attacked Enzo, more

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Finn Bálor faces two diabolical Superstars in a Triple Threat Match
As will be the case at WWE Extreme Rules, it will be every man for himself in this Triple Threat contest, and it will be a true test for the Irishman as he looks to officially begin his journey to Suplex City, where Universal Champion Brock Lesnar will be waiting. Can Bálor back up his boasts and defeat both The Samoan Submission Machine and The Eater of Worlds, or will one of his sinister opponents have their arm raised in victory when the chaos concludes?

Roman Reigns faces his former Shield “brother”
Reigns and Rollins will face each other in the Extreme Rules Fatal 5-Way Match this Sunday, but first, they’ll battle one-on-one on Raw. Will the former friends finally settle their differences, or might their longstanding rivalry reignite just six nights before WWE Extreme Rules?

Who attacked Enzo Amore?
As The Olympic Hero searches for answers to this heinous assault, so too does Big Cass, but we doubt The Realest Guy in the Room will follow due process as he hunts down his friend’s unknown attacker. The Certified Gs have most recently had issues with Apollo Crews and his new mentor, Titus O’Neil, but this type of behavior doesn’t seem on-message for “The Titus Brand.” Could it be another tag team looking to make a name for themselves? Maybe Goldust and his new, ruthless attitude is to blame. As speculation continues to swirl around this shocking incident, don’t expect this unnamed assailant to be hidden for long.

The Hardy Boyz get cagey
Late Monday night, The Celtic Warrior tweeted that he and his partner are “gonna rewrite the rules of extreme.” Will Sheamus & Cesaro give The Hardy Boyz a primer on those rewritten rules on Raw?

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Can Bayley go to the Extreme against Alexa Bliss?
Bayley intends to reclaim the Raw Women’s Title in a Kendo Stick on a Pole Match at WWE Extreme Rules, but we haven’t seen the fan-favorite Superstar truly embrace her Extreme side against Alexa. Will Bayley finally “stick it” to Little Miss Bliss on Raw?