Yemeni Man Sues Germany for Role in US Drone Killings of Civilians

A Yemeni man who lost two family members to a U.S. drone strike is suing the German government for its role in the attacks through its hosting of a U.S. military installation—Ramstein Air Base— which is critical to the covert drone war.

“Were it not for the help of Germany and Ramstein, men like my brother-in-law and nephew might still be alive today,” said Faisal bin Ali Jaber, who has traveled to Germany to levy the suit, with representation from international legal charity Reprieve and the European Center for Constitutional Human Rights. “It is quite simple: without Germany, U.S. drones would not fly.”

He explained, “I am here to ask that the German people and Parliament be told the full extent of what is happening in their country, and that the German government stop Ramstein being used to help the U.S.’s illegal and devastating drone war in my country.”

German media outlets documented last year that Ramstein plays a key role in covert U.S. drone wars. According to Reprieve, Ramstein “is the crucial connector for all data transfer between the US and Yemeni air space. The data—which enables the pilots in the US to operate the drones in real time—is transferred via fiber optic cable from the U.S. to Germany and the Air Base Ramstein. From there the data is transmitted through a satellite-relay-station to the drone which is started by technicians at the US military base in Djibouti.”


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