Afzal Kohistani, Man Who Exposed Heinous Practice Of Honour Killings, Shot Dead In Pakistan

Pakistan’ societal culture is floundering due to deep-rooted terrorism, staggering economy and inhuman practices like honour-killing. Many of the journalists have either fled their native place to live in a safe house elsewhere or have complained of being attacked by the country’s armed and military forces for exercising freedom of expression.

According to a research conducted by an Islamabad-based NPO Media Matters For Democracy, 88% of journalists in Pakistan exercise self-censorship in one form or the other.

Honour-killing is widely practiced in many countries of the world including in India where family members who dare to challenge the existing norms are beaten to death. Afzal Kohistani gained limelight in 2012 when he exposed the dark reality of men and women who were killed as part of honour-killing after a video of them at a wedding went viral.

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