Batista On How He Got Into Wrestling, Being A Naturally Shy Person And Finding Acting Tougher

Former WWE Superstar, Batista, recently appeared on Good Morning Britain to promote his new movie, Final Score, and he discussed several topics regarding his career.

On being a shy person in real life:

“I’m naturally like an introverted, shy person. People were shocked, my family was shocked when I started doing professional wrestling.”

How he got into wrestling:

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“I fell into this groove of doing professional bodybuilding and throughout my 20’s I was working in nightclubs and I was closing in on 30 and I realized I had accomplished nothing and had no future and nothing to fall back on and I thought, well what can I do after all these years. I thought I’ll be a professional wrestler! I actually went and I failed miserably and they told me to never come back and then I just pursued it out of spite and I became so obsessed with it.”

How acting is more difficult:

“It’s physical theatre, it was something I was very comfortable with. The thing that drew me to acting was it was such a different performance it was such an intimate performance. It’s a lot harder when I was wrestling it’s so big and broad, but acting becomes so intimate it almost becomes claustrophobic and I was terrified of that.”

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