Braun Strowman Calls His Shot – Says He’ll Main Event WrestleMania

– Sports Illustrated recently interviewed WWE Superstar Braun Strowman, who discussed a number of topics, including eventually headlining WrestleMania. As previously reported, Strowman recently signed a new five-year contract to stay in WWE. Below are some highlights.
Strowman on wanting to main event WrestleMania: “I will main event WrestleMania. Hopefully more than once on my way to a Hall of Fame career. … I’ll start with a main event against Drew McIntyre. And I’ll tell you who will win: me.”
Strowman on the performers he studies and putting his own twist on things: “I still watch a lot of matches from the big guys. Andre The Giant, Big Show, Mark Henry, Kane, The Undertaker, I’m picking and choosing little things and mannerisms, and then putting my own twist on it. I’m not trying to be like anybody else, I’m trying to be the first Braun Strowman.”
Strowman on how figuring out his name was a fluke: “Figuring out my name was a fluke thing. I was in the Performance Center and Ryan Braun’s name came up across the screen on SportsCenter, and I thought Braun had a really good ring to it. I was in Milwaukee in May and threw out the first pitch and Ryan Braun was the catcher. I got an awesome picture wearing the custom Braun Strowman jersey that said Strowman on the back of mine, and I was next to Ryan and he had Braun on the back of his, so the picture looking at our backs said Braun Strowman.”
Strowman on not needing a title to boost his character: “But it’s not a necessity right now. I don’t need something to boost my character. I get some of the biggest reactions out of anyone just walking out because of my sheer size and ability. It would be cool right now, but I’m here for the long haul and I have many, many more years of WWE in me. There’s plenty of time.”Click Here:

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