Donald Trump Jr.’s Bizarre Electoral Map Has Canada Going Republican

As U.S. presidential election results roll in, we’re all spending a lot of time looking at maps featuring various shades of red and blue to designate who’s ahead — Republican candidate Donald Trump or Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

While election night is expected to be a long one — and may even extend into subsequent days as mail-in ballots are counted — Trump’s son Don. Jr. shared his own map forecast Tuesday and it was … certainly something.

Trump Jr. forecasts that not only almost all of the U.S. (save for California and New York) will go to his father, but also a bunch of other countries that are definitely not voting in this election, including all of Europe, Canada, most of Africa, and even Antarctica and the Black Sea — which are not actually countries. 

As for countries (again, definitely not voting in this election) that would go to Biden, according to Don. Jr., those are India, China, Liberia and Mexico.  
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I cannot stress this enough, these are countries, a frozen landmass and a body of water that definitely do not have the option of electing the president of the United States.

Canadians on Twitter had some thoughts on the younger Trump’s predictions.

Others pointed out that his map was actually sort of correct — if you’re talking about Liberal red. 

Most Canadians are intimately aware of the colour-confusion between our political parties and the U.S. — red for right-leaning Republicans and centrist Liberals of Canada, and blue for the closer-to-the-centre Democrats and further-right Canadian Conservatives.

Of course, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals didn’t win ALL of Canada as Trump Jr.’s map would suggest. If we’re talking provincially, you need to throw some orange onto British Columbia, blue on the prairies and a splash of light blue across Quebec for the Bloc — really, it’s a lot more complicated than the president’s son suggests.


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Say what you will about our multi-party system, but it does lend itself to some more colourful maps on election nights.

And here’s the thing — even if Canadians could vote in the U.S. presidential election, according to some pollsters, we’d be the bluest state out of all of them.

According to an October poll from Abacus data, 75 per cent of Canadians would vote for Biden, with only 25 per cent going for Trump. 

Whatever the case, it looks like Trump Jr. is due for a global politics lesson.

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