Jim Ross Q&A: How To Turn Around TNA, Wrestlers Unionizing & More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section of his website, Here are some highlights:

Did He Ever Watch The GLOW Promotion?

“I followed Glow back in the day but haven’t seen the [Netflix] documentary.”

Will Wrestlers Ever Unionize?

“Old question…same answer…no. Most wrestlers don’t trust each other to manage their professional matters and I don’t think a union will ever be seriously considered.”

Can WWE Save SmackDown From Being A “Filler” Show?

“Smackdown is not a filler show but the overall roster isn’t as deep as it used to be with main event level talent but as you can see that matter is being addressed but it’s not an overnight fix.”

What Can TNA Do To Generate More Interest?

“A blue print is costly and isn’t free but it’s there to do. I hope that they get hot. That helps the overall business.”

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