Lyon ultras appeal for more contact with captain Léo Dubois: “We’re not asking to go for a drink together every night”

As reported by Ouest France, Lyon’s prominent ultra group, the Bad Gones, held a brief discussion with three senior Lyon players after the win over OGC Nice on Saturday night and complained over a lack of contact with current club captain Léo Dubois.

Dubois, vice-captain Moussa Dembélé and the returning Tanguy Ndombele ventured out from the home dressing room to meet with the club’s ultras shortly after an impressive 2-0 win. Via a microphone, standing on the touchline, the leader of the Bad Gones explained:

“We wanted to see you, Léo, as team captain, for several reasons, after multiple requests over several years to have contact with the senior squad. We’re not asking to go and for a drink together every night, we only ask to have discussions and to let you know certain things so that you can also tell us about what you like or don’t like. Unfortunately, today, that doesn’t exist, we don’t know each other. And that’s bad. What we want is for the group to be united, to respect the shirt and to respect the club that pays their wages. Your salaries? Who cares. What we want is a team that fights like it did tonight and wants to share these things with the fans. Today, we don’t feel that’s happening.”

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Dubois then took the microphone and responded to a still busy stand behind one goal at Parc OL:

“Know one thing, lately we haven’t been able to communicate much but we wanted to see you in the stadium. With covid, it has been complicated for you and us. We’re here because we are aware of the difficulties in which we find ourselves and we have responsibilities in relation to you. Tonight, I think we showed what we were capable of doing. I don’t expect everyone to love all the players, but know that we work every day to do our best on the pitch. We are human beings, we have values. We don’t all come from the same background but we know one thing: OL must play in the Champions League and we must fight for it.”


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