Mick Foley Explains Why Shane McMahon Should Stop Taking High-Risk Bumps

If there is one thing Mick Foley knows better than anyone, it’s the long-term repercussions of taking high-risk bumps.

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The WWE Hall Of Famer spoke about this issue in a new interview with Sports Illustrated, where he shared his belief that Shane McMahon should stop taking bumps off of Hell In A Cell cages.

“He didn’t seek my counsel,” Foley said with a laugh when discussing Shane’s high-risk bumps. “I give him all the credit in the world, he’s probably the bravest guy I know, he’s absolutely fearless. I wish he wouldn’t do it, I hope he doesn’t do it again, I really do … a lot of impact, on landing. He’s got children, I just hope he doesn’t do it again.”

‘The Hardcore Legend’ continued to talk about the subject, explaining why he took the risks during his career that he is asking Shane to stop taking now.

“I wanted to give people what I wanted to see out of matches. I knew what I wanted to see,” said Foley. “I was not a naturally-gifted athlete, so I had to think outside the box and I may have raised the bar to an unrealistic level. But then it all comes back to storytelling, it all comes back to getting people caught up in your character so they care about the plight of a character they care about.”

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