Paul Pogba’s statement to police: “Under threat, I told them I was going to pay.”

L’Équipe via Le Monde have transcribed a part of Paul Pogba’s statement to police regarding his alleged sequestration in an apartment in the Paris suburbs by those suspected of attempting to extort him.

The alleged detainment is said to have occurred on March 19, while the former Manchester United man was returning from a Clairefontaine session with the French national team. He was allegedly led to a flat in Chanteloup-en-Brie.The midfielder was reportedly made to turn his phone off. Two heavily armed men wearing bulletproof jackets are then said to have emerged. One of them then allegedly told Pogba to pay them €13m, including €3m in cash, for their protection services over several years.

Pogba’s statement:

“I was scared. The two guys pointed their weapons at me. So, having been held up like that, under threat, I told them that I was going to pay.”

The Juventus midfielder’older brother Mathias has been provisionally detained and is under investigation for his alleged role in an organised extortion and criminal conspiracy. Four other suspects have been imprisoned on the additional charge involving the alleged kidnapping, for which investigators believe Mathias has an alibi.

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