Priyanka Chopra Gives New Baywatch Poster a Sexy Halloween Twist: #BooWatch

Quantico star Priyanka Chopra is a total boss when it comes to … well, everything, but this just in: The 34-year-old actress may just be joining the ranks of Halloween royalty.

On Monday morning, Chopra’s Instagram did double duty when she posted an ad for her upcoming role as a villain in the Baywatch reboot, but manipulated it into a Halloween treat, #BooWatch style.

On the poster, Chopra is dressed as a sexy bat with a pair black and silver patterned wings, bat ears, and a matching one-shoulder minidress with a high slit exposing the gun holster strapped to her thigh. The actress looks unbelievably fierce with her dark curls pushed to one side, a deep red lip, and a subtle trail of blood dripping down her chin.

The Baywatch logo spreads across the ad’s top edge in red lettering—split into a white and black half, the left side of the poster bears the caption “Go ahead and be bad,” while the right side reads “#BooWatch.”

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Chopra’s turn as the beachside antagonist doesn’t hit theaters until May 19 next year, but we’re already so excited—and by the way, so is she.

VIDEO: Priyanka Chopra Live Q&A

Earlier this year, Priyanka discussed her villainous debut with InStyle, admitting: “It gives me the ability to really explore my evil side, and now I’m realizing I might have one.”

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