Update On Roman Reigns' Timeframe For Returning

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns made an appearance on last night’s RAW to give an update on his recovery from recent hernia surgery. The interview made it clear that Reigns still has Seth Rollins in his sights and plans to resume his feud with his former Shield brother when he’s healthy to return.

According to a report at, Reigns is not expected back in the ring until late December or early January. This all but rules out the possibility of Reigns making a surprise appearance at Survivor Series as part of Team Cena, as some fans have been speculating.

What remains to be seen is whether Reigns is still on track for the mega push that he was in the midst of when he was injured before Night of Champions. The time off could derail his momentum – or could have been a blessing in disguise, shielding him from over exposure and setting him up for a big run as WWE rounds the corner into WrestleMania season.

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