Why Is WWE Booking Becky Lynch On RAW And Smackdown?

There are reports that WWE is booking Becky Lynch for both RAW and Smackdown in hopes of popping a big rating in the build to WrestleMania since, so far, they have not seen the usual spike in ratings that comes around this time of year. Lynch is scheduled to appear on RAW tonight.
WWE is feeling some pressure to increase TV ratings heading into their new deal with FOX, especially for Smackdown since FOX is debuting it on Friday nights as a “short term” plan (WWE obviously wants Smackdown to do well so FOX moves it off of Friday nights as quickly as possible).
WWE also wants interactions between Lynch and Stephanie McMahon, as there is a tentative plan to do Lynch vs. Stephanie later this year.
Lynch is scheduled to main event WrestleMania against Ronda Rousey (and, most likely, Charlotte Flair).Click Here: nrl jersey sale

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