WWE Claims Naomi is "Severely Injured"; Singh Brothers Written Off of WWE TV?

— According to a video, Naomi has suffered “severe injuries” at the hands of the Riott Squad last night on Smackdown. According to the video, she suffered a cervical strain, a right shoulder separation and a few facial contusions and will be undergoing X-rays. This appears to be for storyline purposes, though it’s possible Naomi could be off TV for a while to sell the injuries.

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— There is speculation that the Singh Brothers could be off of WWE TV after last night’s beatdown by AJ Styles and then Jinder Mahal. There has been talk over the last several weeks to have them be replaced as Jinder’s henchmen, which is why Mahal has beat them up before. However, it is now being suggested that last night’s developments were a way to write them out of storylines. It’s also interesting to note that the duo debuted with WWE a year ago, which raises the possibility of a one-year contract that is now expiring. The Singh Brothers were originally brought in to be a part of the Cruiserweight division so it remains to be seen whether they will end up there.