WWE Trademark Filing Reveals Potential New Series, WWE Targets WrestleMania Bootleggers

WWE has filed a new trademark this week that could provide a major clue about a potential new show that would be placed on the WWE Network.

WWE applied to trademark “Talking Snack” according to, which would be a series based on cooking and fitness. The report also states WWE is considering a cooking book as well.

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WWE Targets WrestleMania Bootleggers

World Wrestling Entertainment is preparing to target bootleggers according to TMZ, who is reporting that the company has filed documents in Louisiana to attempt to stop the sale of unlicensed and bootleg WWE merchandise during WrestleMania 34 weekend in New Orleans.

The company has claimed they do this to legally protect their trademarks and copyrights but as well as to protect the consumer who receives potentially unlicensed merchandise that could be flammable or contain dangerous materials.


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