Daniel Bryan On WWE CWC, Possibility Of Cruiserweight Title Returning

Daniel Bryan recently spoke with The Fan Garage to promote the WWE Cruiserweight Classic tournament, which kicks off this evening on the WWE Network. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On if we can expect similar tournaments to the Cruiserweight Classic from WWE in the near future:

“I can’t say I know. But when Triple H had talked about it, he had mentioned that he wanted to make this an annual thing. He thinks that it’s a great show for the [WWE] Network to have, and I say why not? I mean, it’s a great concept.”

“As for the tournaments, I don’t know what the WWE wants to do going forward, but I have been a fan of tournaments for a long time, so we will wait and see if this thing takes off. Who knows? We may see another one on RAW [laughs].”

On whether or not WWE should bring back the Cruiserweight Title:

“You know that’s a fascinating question because so many of the top guys now would be considered Cruiserweights back when WCW had the first Cruiserweight matches those many years ago. The Cruiserweight Championship I remember was for 225 lbs and under (102 kgs) and the Cruiserweight Classic is 205 lbs and under.

“But if you look at the WWE roster today, everybody is a bit smaller because now, fans want more action which requires more mobility, which requires you to be a bit lighter.

“One of the things that I think we will see is that some of these guys who are say only 160 lbs., which might be 75 kgs, they are amazing and people want to see them. So, I wouldn’t be surprised, especially with the brand extension set to come, that the WWE does restart the Cruiserweight Championship.”

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